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Here is a true testimony for the benefits of MantraTheory CBD Oil. My husband and I started taking CBD Oil at the end of July, in fact, on his birthday! It was intended to relieve stress and tension in our necks and back. We have since experienced a wide range of benefits but most importantly a more restful sleep pattern. Our sleep number bed tracks the levels. See July, where each night is different, and the grid is jumpy. We were out of town in mid August, it tracks that too…BUT, take a look at the third photo that reflects consistency in restful sleep now that we have been taking MantraTheory CBD Oil for about 6 weeks


Most of you know I suffer from chronic nerve pain from my waist down to my toes every second of the day. 😫 👣   Those that have followed my journey also know I struggled with different medications throughout the past 3 years. 💊🤨 Along with that, the one medication that I could “tolerate” the side effects from made me feel like my brain was being rotted away. Loss of train of thought, saying a different word than I was thinking that made no sense, horrible memory issues etc. I hated it and finally told my doctor I needed off of it. 🧠

I weaned off that medication over 4 months. I did it! And I slowly feel my brain coming back to me. 😄  I full heartedly believe I could not have gotten off my medication without the use of CBD oil. MantraTheory CBD oil is a must for me. As well as for soooo many others out there for all different reasons! 🙌💯🙌 

My dog, Mr. Manny also takes CBD oil for his hip. Since being on it, he isn’t limping as much as he was. 🐕

A few months ago I posted that I was interested in joining a CBD company and had quite a few responses. I looked in many of them and additional ones as well.For sometime now only one company has kept my interest… MantraTheory. 🌱❤️🌱  Reviewing their product time and time again I was driven to this company. 💕  Their product is the purest I have come across. There are NO filler oils like most companies use, just Cannabidiol and Hemp oil 🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱

Along with other great factors that make a great product‼️  As if that wasn’t enough, I became Facebook friends with the two beautiful CEO ladies and really enjoy what they post and like who they are. 🤗💕 I recall two dreams I’ve had about joining this company, prior to joining. The day I joined I contemplated it all day. I fell asleep on the couch that evening and suddenly woke, freaked out because I hadn’t joined. 😴 🛋😳

I logged on to the site and joined.
They say to…
Follow your gut. 🧐
Listen to what your intuition tells you. 🤔
Follow your heart.❤️
So I did all of the above‼️

And now begins another new aspect of the next chapter of my life. 🎉 📖



I started using CBD oil about 18 months ago due to my having Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis in my spine and a fun one called Wilkinson’s Syndrome. I was so tired of all the meds my Dr kept shoving at me, which in the end seemed to be making me feel worse.
I decided to make a major change in my diet, stop taking all pharmaceuticals, and focus on healing my body using solely CBD oil, diet and exercise to manage my pain and inflammation.
I have never regretted that decision!!! I feel immensely better, have more energy, am able to do so many things that I was in too much pain to do previously. CBD has changed my life for the better, as I much prefer using something natural and the bodies own mechanisms to feel healthier both physically and mentally!! 💜


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